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We accept the following forms of payment:
-cash (U.S. currency)
-bank wire transfer
-credit cards via Paypal (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex; client agrees to pay a 3.5% surcharge to cover service fees on credit card transactions)
-cashier check (in $U.S. drawn on a U.S. bank)
-corporate or personal check (by prior arrangement only)
All accounts are c.o.d. and payment in full for all services, facilities and materials supplied are due immediately upon completion of the work unless credit arrangements have been made in advance. Payments are non-refundable. On projects lasting longer than one week, charges will be posted and billed in weekly increments. Until payment in full and any accrued finance charges have been received, Stonecutter Studios shall retain exclusive possession and control of all recorded materials of the client. The client agrees to pay interest at a rate of 5% per month on all overdue accounts. The client further agrees to pay all costs and expenses including actual legal fees incurred in the collection of any overdue accounts. Use of any recorded materials is prohibited until full payment has been made to Stonecutter Studios. Stonecutter Studios reserves the right to exercise its legal rights of control to prevent the use of or profit from recorded materials which have not been paid for. Any checks returned to Stonecutter Studios because of insufficient funds shall be subject to a service charge of $25.00. Rates quoted are exclusive of all applicable sales taxes.



Studio bookings are on a first call basis. Confirmed bookings will usually preempt time held without a deposit.

Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost of time, services and materials reserved. For bookings of two or more days, this 50% deposit must be received no later than 10 business days before the start date of the booking or the session may be subject to cancellation or rescheduling.

Minimum bookings are required of 1/2 hour for tape transfer, dubbing, editing, media backup or CD duplication sessions, 1 hour for remix, 2 track and listening sessions, and 3 hours for multitrack sessions. Studio billings will be based on hours reserved plus any additional time used. Time is billed in 1/2 hour segments. All bookings of four or less hours are subject to preemption and/or rescheduling at our discretion

Sessions booked at discounted or special rates (i.e. less than current book rate) will be billed in minimum increments of one hour regardless of duration. Sessions booked at discounted or special rates are subject to preemption and rescheduling to accommodate book rate clients at the sole discretion of Stonecutter Studios, unless a deposit as described above has been received.

In the event of cancellation, client shall give Stonecutter Studios a minimum notice period greater than or equal to the period of studio time reserved under this agreement, or for a one-day booking a minimum of 48 hours (two business days). If notice is not given as described, 50% of the value of the total time and materials booked will be charged. Cancellation must be made by direct voice contact with a representative of Stonecutter Studios, not via voicemail, email, written note or a third party. Any deposits made to hold studio time are non-refundable regardless of the time of cancellation.

Studio Time and Materials

Studio time

– The rates include use of all recording equipment, signal processing, amplifiers,keyboards, and percussion instruments; guitars and some amplifiers are available for client use by special arrangement only; email for details
– These rates are for all multitrack recording, mixing, mastering, duplication, media backup, pre- and post-production work.
– Daily lockout rate is based on a ten-hour workday. Workday is considered to begin at the scheduled start time of the session, and to end ten hours from that time. Overtime beyond the tenth hour is billed at the hourly book rate in minimum ½ hour increments, except by prior arrangement with or at the discretion of Stonecutter. These same guidelines apply to “half-day” bookings, except that bookings on the “half-day” is five hours long.
– All set up and tear down time is billed at full hourly rates except by prior arrangement with Stonecutter.


– Client is responsible for the cost of all materials used and/or requested items
– Client must notify studio a minimum of 72 hours (three business days) in advance if client would like studio to procure 2″ tape
– Digital session and audio file backups, Pro Tools session exports and prep work, CD-R, DAT, cassette, and other duplication services provided by Stonecutter Studios outside of regularly booked sessions will be billed at hourly rate plus media costs
Please note: all session hard drives, multitrack tapes, master mixes, computer session files, analog and digital safeties and related materials remain the property of Stonecutter until client balances are paid in full and until receipt of goods by client is


Once we have your sound and track in Pro Tools on the mixing side of things we have some of the best plug-ins in the world to fine-tune everything!

Digidesign Antares

Access Virus

Auto Tune 5

Access Virus Indigo

Auto Tune 6

Amp Farm 3

Auto Tune 7

BF Classic Compressors HD

Harmony EFX

BF Classic Compressors v4

BF Fairchild Bundle v4


Bomb Factory BF-3A

Analog Channel HD


Chrome Tone HD


CompressorBank HD

Cosmonaut Voice

FilterBank HD


MC2000 HD


Joe Meek SC2 Compressor


Joe Meek VC5 Meequlaizer

Oxford Limiter

Line 6 Echo Farm

Oxford R3 EQ


MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ


Moogerfooger Bundle v4


Pultec Bundle v4

Little Radiator


SoundToys TDM Effects v4

Reel Tape Saturation


Reverb One

TDM Effects v4

SansAmp PSA-1

Slightly Rude Compressor



Anthology 2.0

Sound Replacer


Unique Recordings

Tel-Ray Variable Delay

URS Strip Pro


Voce Bundle v4

GRM Tools

GRM Tools Classic Bundle

Abbey Road Studios

EMI TG12413


PCM Native Reverb Bundle

Trillium Lane Labs

TL InTune


C1 v8 C4 v8

DeEsser v8

Doppler v8


H-Comp v8

H-Delay v8

IR-L v8

L1 Ultramaximizer v8

L2 Ultramaximizer v8

L3 Ultramaximizer v8

L3-LL Ultramaximizer v8

LinEQ v8

LinMB v8

MV2 v8

MaxxBass v8

MaxxVolume v8

MetaFlanger v8

MondoMod v8

PAZ v8

PS22 v8

PuigTec v8

Q10 v8

Renaissance Axx v8

Renaissance Bass v8

Renaissance Channel v8

Renaissance Compressor v8

Renaissance DeEsser v8

Renaissance Equalizer v8

Renaissance Reverb v8

Renaissance Vox v8

S1 v8

SSL Channel v8


SSL G-Master Buss Compressor v8

SuperTap v8

TransX v8

TrueVerb v8

Tune LET v8

Ultrapitch v8

V-Comp v8

V-EQ3 v8

V-EQ4 v8

Vocal Rider v8

5.9.7 Enabler

Aphex Vintage

AudioTrack v8


Our live room has the perfect sound for recording anything in it and we have an extensive list of the industries top microphones to help capture the perfect sound.
Our list of available microphones includes:

Check out Stonecutter’s extensive collection of top of the line microphones to make your recordings sound extraordinary at our studio.

Neumann sE Electronics

TLM 193 (1)

KM 184 Pair (2)

Gemini II



R121 (1)

Voodoo VR2 Active ribbon



Beta 57A (1)

N/D868 (2)

Beta 87A (1)


SM7B (1)

NT5 Matched Pair (2)

SM57 (4)

NTK (1)

KSM32 (2)


KSM27 (1)

P12 (2)

KSM9 (1)



MD421II (3)

Fathead (1)

MD441U (1)


E604 (6)

D112 (2)

E609 Silver (1)


 Wunder Audio 

i5 (1)

 CM7 (U47)

Rental Microphones: can be provided with sufficient notice

Shure Electro-Voice

Beta 52 (1)

N/D767a (1)

SM81 (3)

N/D168 (1)

SM330 (1)

N/D468 (1)

SM333 (1)

N/D408a (1)

SM520DX (1)

N/D767a RE-2 Wireless (1)

SM576 (2)

N/D967 (1)

PG48 (1)

RE20 (1)

KSM141 (1)

PL20 (1)

KSM313 (1)

RE27N/D (1)


Cardinal (1)

D2 (1)

Raven (1)



M88 (2)

C24 (1)

M420 (2)

C451E (4)

M422 (2)

D12 (1)

CK703 (2)


M201 (1)

C414 (4)

M380 (1)


Altec Lansing

SR77 (2)

195A (1)

Z30XL (1)

529 (1)



Blueberry (3)

TLM 170 (2)

Mouse (2)

U47 FET (1)

Babybottle (2)

U87 (1)

Bluebird (1)


Kiwi (2)


Blue Bottle (2)

m149 (3)



MKH405 (1)

R121 (1)

Audio Technica

ATM25 (3)

Alesis DAK

Groovetube AM40 (2)

UEM83R Shotgun

Telefunkin Atus

M16 (3)

PR335 (1)

Sony Yamaha

ECM-44b (1)

Subkick (1)


Here at Stonecutter we have some of the industries most sought after instruments for you to perfect your record with:

Electric Guitars
Gibson Les Paul (2)
Gibson Firebird (1)
Fender Strat (1)
Fender Telecaster (1)
Hanson Custom (1)
Fender Squier J-Bass 4-String (1)
Fender Squier Jazz Bass 4-String (1)
Acoustic Guitars
Taylor 314CE 6-String (1)
Martin HD28 6-String (1)
Guild Jf4-12NT 12-String (1)
Sekova C600 6-String (1)
Gibson J45 6-String (1)
6 Piece Tama Rockstar:
22″ Bass Drum
10″ Tom 1
12″ Tom 2
13″ Tom 3
16″ Tom 4
Bosphorus Master Series Cymbals Set
DW Double Bass Pedal
Bison Drums 14″
Pearl Piccolo 14″
Tama Kenny Aronoff 14″
Tama Rockstar 14″
Ludwig Rocker 14″
Hammond M3 Organ
Leslie 147 Speaker Cabinet
StudioLogic Fatar-SL900 MIDI
Wurlitzer Electric Piano


Available Microphones

Our live room has the perfect sound for recording anything in it and we have an extensive list of the industries top microphones to help capture the perfect sound.
Our list of available microphones includes:



Beta 52 (1)

N/D868 (2)

Beta 57A (1)

Beta 87A (1)


SM7B (1)

NT5 Matched Pair (2)

SM57 (4)

NTK (1)

KSM32 (2)

KSM44 (1)


KSM9 (1)

MD421II (3)

MD441U (1)


E604 (6)

D112 (2)

E609 Silver (1)



TLM193 (1)

R121 (1)



Fathead (1)>

P12 (2)


sE Electronics

designed by Mr. Rupert Neve

E-100 (2)

Gemini II



i5 (1)

Amps and Pedals


All right you’ve got your guitar ready or one of ours, now let’s get you dialed in on one of our many vintage or modern amps.

Marshall 1960TV (1)
Marshall 1960BX (1)
Soldano HR50 (1)
MesaBoogie (1)
Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp (1)
Fender Bassman 1959 (1)
Fender Blues Junior (1)
Ampeg SVT410HE (1)



Want to give your sound something a little extra, run your guitar through some of our many pedals:

Boss Dyna Drive DN-2
Boss Chorus CE-2
Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2
Boss Octave OC-2
Boss Digital Delay DD-3
Boss Super Overdrive SD-1
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9
MXR EVH Phase 90
MXR Phase 45
MXR Dyna Comp
Pro Co The Rat
Morley ABY Selector/Combiner
Dunlop FuzzFace
Dunlop Crybaby-GCB-95
Guyatone Funky Box Flip
Prescription Overdriver
Electro-Harmonic Deluxe Electric Mistress
Klon Centaur
Diaz Texas Ranger
Love Pedal Pickle Vibe
Radial Big Shot ABY