Mixing Tips

1. Get an idea of how Stonecutter Recording Studios’ system sounds by listening to CDs you’re used to hearing on your home stereo.

2. Be sure to always use the same speakers, especially if you are mixing somewhere other than the recording studio. The mix will sound completely different if you opt for different speakers.

3. Have our engineer mix your recording; his experienced ears are better trained than yours. Try to keep an open mind to his suggestions! Think about your songs as a whole piece and not on the individual instruments. Otherwise, everyone will want their instrument louder in the mix.

4. Choose a band spokesperson ahead of time. Having suggestions thrown from every direction can be very distracting for our engineer, and you wouldn’t want him rushed through the job. So just have one person be the representative of the group.

5. Determine which format you want the finished mixes to be on: high resolution, .wav or .aiff files o CD-R, DVD-R, or flash drives; an audio CD or DAT are viable options as well. Specify the bit rate and sample rate for any needed files.

6. Budget for and count on unforeseen delays.

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