Post Recording

Post Recording and Monitoring the Mix
1. Listen to your music at moderate levels in your car or on a CD player, because this is how most of your fans will listen to it. Mixing at loud levels will fatigue your ears and distort the “true” sound.

2. Don’t worry about taking a break. Sometimes it’s good to take a day off and come back later to listen. The same applies for mix down. A fresh start can make a huge difference!

3. While reviewing each mix, make sure you can comfortably hear all of the instruments. Fine-tune the mix on a small pair of speakers at a very low volume. The use of headphones is also valuable at this stage, but don’t base your final decision on them. You should be able to pick up each instrument at this level.

4. Learn to recognize ear fatigue. It would be better to quit a session early than wasting time making a bad mix because you are tired, that would have to be redone anyways.

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