1. Record all of your performances, whether live gigs or pre-production rehearsals. Having these simple single-track recordings may reveal weak parts of songs that you can fix while in the studio.

2. Be prepared by having all of your musical and vocal parts worked out before recording! (Know all guitar solos)

3. If you are using a computer or sequencer, be sure to organize all of the material before the session.

4. Using a click track? Make sure your drummer is comfortable playing to it. (Tighten up your sound by practicing to a click track at a slow tempo)

5. Come in to our studio with more songs prepared than you plan to record. You never know which songs will sound strong on the final tape, so if you plan on a four-song EP, come with six songs.

6. Your body is your most important asset! So be sure to take care of yourself before and during recording sessions. Eat well and get enough sleep so that you can think clearly and perform well to make your best sound possible.

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