Terms and Other Information

Exclusion of Liability

Stonecutter Studios recognizes the irreplaceable nature of the client’s materials and the performances conducted at our studio. The client shall hereby acknowledge that neither Stonecutter Studios, nor its authorized agents or employees shall be responsible for any loss or damage, direct or consequential, caused to any magnetic recording tape, hard drives, or to any other physical devices used for the recording of sound or to any musical instruments or sound amplification used or left on the premises of Stonecutter Studios, even if such damage is caused by negligence or other fault of Stonecutter Studios or its authorized agents. Any materials or devices stored on the premises are left at the sole risk of the client.

A special note about backups of digital materials: while Stonecutter Studios makes reasonable efforts to maintain backup copies of digital materials (e.g. session files/computer disks/hard drives, DAT and DTRS tapes, CD-ROM’s, etc.) associated with current projects, client acknowledges its own sole and absolute responsibility to maintain backup/safety copies of such materials, entirely at their own expense and initiative. Client shall hold Stonecutter Studios blameless for any loss or damages resulting from failure to maintain backup copies of such materials, or from the malfunction of any storage devices or media. There will be no cases in which Stonecutter Recording Studios will be responsible for the archiving of projects, whether in progress or completed.

Acceptance of Terms

By booking a session or securing any other services from Stonecutter, you as a client agrees to the above terms and conditions. We suggest you print a copy of this document for future reference. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our policies and payment methods in advance of booking a session. Thanks you!