Studio bookings are on a first call basis. Confirmed bookings will usually preempt time held without a deposit.

Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost of time, services and materials reserved. For bookings of two or more days, this 50% deposit must be received no later than 10 business days before the start date of the booking or the session may be subject to cancellation or rescheduling.

2 hour minimum bookings are required per session, 1 hour for remix/ revision, 2 track and listening sessions, and 3 hours for multitrack sessions. Studio billings will be based on hours reserved plus any additional time used. Time is billed in 1/2 hour segments. All bookings of four or less hours are subject to preemption and/or rescheduling at our discretion.

Sessions booked at discounted or special rates (i.e. less than current book rate) will be billed in minimum increments of one hour regardless of duration. Sessions booked at discounted or special rates are subject to preemption and rescheduling to accommodate book rate clients at the sole discretion of Stonecutter Studios, unless a deposit as described above has been received.

In the event of cancellation, client shall give Stonecutter Studios a minimum notice of 12 hours, or for sessions booked on same day, a period greater than or equal to the period of studio time reserved under this agreement, or for a one-day booking a minimum of 48 hours (two business days). If notice is not given as described, 50% of the value of the total time and materials booked will be charged. Cancellation must be made by direct voice contact with a representative of Stonecutter Studios, not via voicemail, email, text, written note or a third party. If no notice at all is given, 100% of booked time will be charged. Any deposits made to hold studio time are non-refundable regardless of the time of cancellation.

There is no charge for re-scheduling.

IMPORTANT! It is the clients responsibility to back up all data at the end of each session. Stonecutter Studios is not responsible for any data or files left for more than 14 days from the last session. It is recommended that a hard drive is brought to each session for a daily back up and then another back up be made to be off site for redundancy.