Vince Agwada

I’ve known Chris for about ten years having worked closely with him as a tech at Chicago Trax for about three years. During that period, I got to watch him close up as he worked on numerous projects by artists like Mickey Hart on his groundbreaking “Planet Drum” DVD, Billy Corgan on the soundtrack for the film “Stigmata”, R. Kelly, Soul asylum, and many others. Having been quite familiar with his exceptional mixing skills and creativity for years, he was, naturally, my first choice when it was time to mix my debut CD “Eyes of the City”.

Without exception, Chris was able to take each song far beyond what I’d envisioned; often causing me to look at my own compositions in an entirely different light. He brings to the table an uncanny ability to add subtle things that can make a good song great which comes from years of making great records. Another added benefit of working with Chris was in knowing that my project was being mixed on the same gear and was being treated no differently than all of the major label projects that he works on.

All in all, with the help of Chris, I was able to deliver a self-produced CD with a major label sound at a very reasonable price. Thanks a million Chris for allowing me to experiment and for going the extra mile so many times in helping me realize this dream of mine; I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with you again on my next one!

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