Music Production and Music Business Classes led by Chris steinmetz at stonecutter studios

Welcome to the Stonecutter Recording Studios Music Production and Music Businesses courses, Making Music Work! From the Stonecutter Studios Team, we are proud to announce in-person style courses highlighting major aspects of the music industry including Music Production and Music Business. Our mission is to introduce, develop, and educate music-minded individuals to enhance their skill sets and knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry to prepare students for their future opportunities in music. There are far more careers in music than simply trying to “make it”. Producers, engineers, marketers, managers, lawyers, and publishers are prominent positions in the industry as well as others.

It’s time to discover your place in the music industry! Whether you are simply interested in the concept or furthering your experiences on your career path, Making Music Work contains the levels of advancement appropriate for your skill level ages 12 and up.

Our Stonecutter Studios program course offers a unique inside look into the industry led by an award-winning producer and engineer veteran, Chris Steinmetz. With over 25 years of experience in the business, his skills led him to collaborate with a wide array of artists ranging from Mavis Staples to Metallica and Paul Simon to Jay-Z alongside many others. Steinmetz is the proud owner of Stonecutter Records Recording Studios and now conducts his business in Chicago.

Music Production

  • Brief History of Recording discusses the development and evolution of recording technology from the earliest times to the present day.
  • Role of the Engineer discusses the essential role an engineer plays in music production.
  • Role of the Producer discusses the responsibilities of the producer.
  • Psychology of Working with Musicians explores the responsibilities in recording and producing in a professional setting.
  • Pro Tools Sessions gives students hands-on experience working in Pro Tools covering basic to intermediate techniques.

Music Business

  • Working with Other Music Professionals discusses the collaborative aspects of working with producers, record labels, and artist managers.
  • Producer/Production Deals explores the types of deals and the legal and financial aspects of producing music. 
  • Budgeting, Scheduling, and Organization discusses the operational and other basic financial aspects of the business side of the industry.
  • Contracts and Agreements explores the legal aspects of agreements and the benefits and drawbacks of written and oral contracts.

Affordable and cohesive to your schedule

As an affordable alternative to the duration and expenses of a music education, the course lasts 10 weeks, and it will provide students with the necessary knowledge and confidence to explore the music industry for themselves!

Weekly Evenings, january 16th – March 19th

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