Time & Materials

Studio time

  • The rates include use of all recording equipment, signal processing, amplifiers, keyboards, and percussion instruments
    • Guitars and some amplifiers are available for client use by special arrangement only (email for details).
  • These rates are for all multitrack recording, mixing, mastering, duplication, media backup, pre- and post-production work.
  • Daily lockout rate is based on a ten-hour workday. Workday is considered to begin at the scheduled start time of the session, and to end ten hours from that time. Overtime beyond the tenth hour is billed at the hourly book rate in minimum ½ hour increments, except by prior arrangement with or at the discretion of Stonecutter. These same guidelines apply to “half-day” bookings, except that bookings on the “half-day” is five hours long.
  • All set up and tear down time is billed at full hourly rates except by prior arrangement with Stonecutter.


  • Client is responsible for the cost of all materials used and/or requested items.
  • Client must notify studio a minimum of 72 hours (three business days) in advance if client would like studio to procure 2″ tape.
  • Digital session and audio file backups, Pro Tools session exports and prep work, CD-R, DAT, cassette, and other duplication services provided by Stonecutter Studios outside of regularly booked sessions will be billed at hourly rate plus media costs.
    • Please note: all session hard drives, multitrack tapes, master mixes, computer session files, analog and digital safeties and related materials remain the property of Stonecutter until client balances are paid in full and until receipt of goods by client is received.
    • IMPORTANT! It is the clients responsibility to back up all data at the end of each session. Stonecutter Studios is not responsible for any data or files left for more than 14 days from the last session. It is recommended that a hard drive is brought to each session for a daily back up and then another back up be made to be off site for redundancy.