About Us

about stonecutter studiosStonecutter Recording Studios, located in the south loop of Chicago, is a recording facility providing world class services in music recording, mixing, mastering, marketing and production. Branching off of independent label Stonecutter Records formed and led by Chris Steinmetz, the studio’s mission is to help create the artist’s masterpiece. Our goal is to provide the ability for any musician to take advantage our studios to provide services for them: we’ll always find a way to make it work!

Cut Through the Noise-Reach for Higher Ground

With some of the most sought after musical instruments, amplifiers, and recording equipment, paired with our highly experienced and skilled production team, we will bring out the best in your recordings or project. Our new amazing sounding studio is equipped with a fully loaded Pro Tools HD system, Vintage Neve 1073s and a desirable collection of both modern and vintage gear. In addition, our large live room has high ceilings and unique surfaces that allow a wide array of unique acoustics.

Why Stonecutter

We understand how important the process of developing your sounds and presence are as a musician, which is why we are going to be there at every step of the recording process, from pre-production to mastering and then finally to marketing your band and the finished product. Our owner and producer Chris Steinmetz has accrued a wealth of production knowledge, culminating an assortment of multi-platinum records. By working with Stonecutter Studios, you will be provided with a highly skilled and objective ear, along with the energy and direction your band needs. We strive to provide these services to musicians at all stages of their career. Check out Chris’s extensive catalog and clientele here. To learn more about Stonecutter, our press release can be found here.

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